About me

Why do I run this travel blog? Many people may wonder why to waste time for such a trivial activity… And yes, to ones it may be pretty vapid thing but for others it may be the best way of recording memories from trips to different parts of the world! I am this kind of person and because I travel a lot, I mean much more then normal people, I realised once that I just don’t remember many of my journeys!

I could hard to remind hitchhike to Alaska or 2 week stay in Beijing. Then I decided to start blogging and throwing here my experiences, sharing with you guys my each an every day from afar voyages. Thanks to that, today I can go down to memory lane and  recall each of my trips. This is incredible. I always forget to take pictures to the places I’m in and then I am always so angry with myself!

Then I just take my notebook and write, write, write until I write the whole story about the day. So, as I’ve already say, this place is to make my memories alive as long as the Internet’s gonna exist;). And I hope you guys, following my posts are able to imagine what I experience every day. I try to write everything very emotionally, because this is how I am – very emotional person, rather introvert with extravert tendency ;)).

Well, I like travelling on my own by want everybody to feel the dame as i do. So I throw everything here hoping you like it. Started travelling when I was a kid. I used to travel a lot with my parents then. My first solo trip was a hitchhike to Alaska that I can hardy remember. Though I still have a picture of those beautiful places, I forgot most of my experiences there. And that was one of the main reasons why I started blogging! Welcome to my travel blog, follow my posts, comment and be always up to date!

Yep, this is me hitchhiking for the very first time. I traveled with my good mates, maybe one day we'll repeat it!
Yep, this is me hitchhiking for the very first time. I traveled with my good mates, maybe one day we’ll repeat it!