Salt Mine in Wieliczka

Most people visiting Krakow make it the main point to visit The Salt Mine in Wieliczka. It is located no more then a few kilometres from the Krakow city centre. Well, the tour was very recommended by the hostel that I was spending at. And since I came to Krakow for a few long days, I decided to see a few cult places. One of them was apparently the salt mine in Wieliczka. 

The hostel’s receptionist was encouraging me to take this trip to Salt Mine in Wieliczka. He gave me a hundred or so reasons explaining that the spot is so worth visiting. And at one point I though “why not, I have a lot of time, don’t need much money….”. Bang! I bought it. The company I was travelling with KrakowDirect and I have to admit that the driver was really kind. The cool thing was that he knew a lot about the place we were heading to. He gave me a lot of useful information about Salt Mine in Wieliczka. 

Anyway, afrter 30 minutes we were already at the main entrance. Thought the day was really hot, the salt mine localised a few hundreds below ground was very cool. I joined to some group of people with an english speaking guide tour and I have learned a lot of new, interesting things. What terrified me the most was a fact that people who used to work in the mine were using horses to help. Well, some of the animals didn’t back up to the surface for even 20 years!! Obviously, such treatment had many negative effects on those poor creatures. Many of the died and many lost they eyesight. 

I’ve seen around 20 beautiful chambers made of salt. The views were magnificent and I have plenty of pictures. Well, most of them are completely dark, but still… The atmosphere inside the salt mine in Wieliczka was unique as well. Lights were emphasizing impressive exhibitions around.

Salt Mine. Isn't it fabulous?
Salt Mine. Isn’t it fabulous?

All in all, “Salt Mine” was really cool. It impressed me so much that I wanted to stay there longer. The funniest moment was when our guide told us “you can try the walls guys, this is real salt, the whole mine is made of salt. It wouldn’t be a salt mine tour if you don’t try the salt. So, yes, I also tried the wall. I really recommend visiting Salt Mine in Wieliczka, it’s beautiful place.