Krakow airport- an ideal place for transport from all over the world

As I mentioned before, why do I have this travel blog? It is by far the best way for me to capture my memories of traveling to different parts of the world! I am the kind of person who likes to document my accomplishments and share them with people. And where will I reach the largest audience? On the Internet. I think that I travel a lot, I mean a lot more than normal people, I realized one day that I will simply get everything mixed up. However, human memory can be unreliable. By writing here about my experiences and travel reports, I’ll also help those who are actually going somewhere.

Travel Report

This time I’ve chosen on the map a city in Central Europe with an excellent communication point – Krakow airport. And if there is no direct flight from different parts of the world, there is another airport right next to it – Pyrzowice in Katowice city. Compared to other airports in the world, they are quite small but perfectly organized. Krakow airport transfer is very well developed. Public transport or private services allow you to get to the city center at any time of day or night. I personally used – Krakow airport VIP transfer and in only 20 minutes I was already at my hotel. Krakow has a rich tourist offer for its visitors. Both for the richer and poorer tourists. Hotels or private apartments offer various services, spa, food or tours around the city. My hostel was located close to Galeria Krakowska, where I had an excellent connection by public transport to every side of the city.

Salt mine – a place worth seeing

Most people who visit Krakow make it their main point to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. It is located not more than a few kilometers from the center of Krakow. Well, the tour was highly recommended by the hostel where I stayed. And since I came to Cracow for a few days, I decided to see some of the most iconic places. One of them was the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

The receptionist of the hostel encouraged me to go to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. He gave me a hundred reasons explaining that the place is worth visiting. And at one point I thought “why not, I have plenty of time, I don’t need much money….”. Bang! I bought it. The company I traveled with Krakow Direct and I have to say the driver was really nice. The cool thing was that he knew a lot about the place we were going to. He gave me a lot of useful information along the way, referred to its history and the attractions you can experience there.

After less than 30 minutes, we were already at the main entrance. Although the day was really hot, the salt mine located several hundred underground was very cool. I joined a group of people with an English speaking guide and learned many new and interesting things. What scared me the most was the fact that the people who worked in the mine used horses for help. Well, some animals didn’t even come to the surface for 20 years!!! Of course this treatment had many negative effects on these poor creatures. Many died and many lost their eyesight.

I saw about 20 beautiful chambers made of salt. The views were magnificent and I have lots of pictures. Well, most of them are completely dark, but still… The atmosphere inside the Wieliczka salt mine was also unique. The lights highlighted the impressive displays all around.

Overall, the “Salt Mine” was really cool. It made such an impression on me that I wanted to stay there longer. The funniest moment was when our guide told us: “You can taste the walls guys, this is real salt, the whole mine is made of salt. It wouldn’t be a trip to the salt mine if you don’t taste the salt. So yeah, I tried the wall too. I really recommend visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine, it’s a beautiful place.

The capital of Malopolska

The remaining days flew by even faster as I strolled among the beautiful sights of Krakow, tasting the local cuisine and talking to really open people. I was enchanted by the local architecture, but also by the modernity and technology mixed in. This city is filled with art, music and culture. On every corner here you will find a museum or an exhibition of some photographer. It was pleasant to sit in a pub in the evening, listening to live music and watching people walking around the charming district of Krakow, which is Kazimierz.

Traveling is my recipe for life

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to go kayaking down the Vistula river or cycling to Tyniec, but this is a great reason to come back someday. I started travelling when I was a child. I traveled a lot with my parents back then. My first solo trip was hitchhiking to Alaska, so no route scares me anymore. I think I have travel so ingrained now that I will spend my whole life trying to squeeze the juice out of the lemons that touring offers me. I will definitely come back to Krakow as soon as I have such an opportunity. I encourage all of you who did not have a chance to see this place live, because words cannot express the magic of this place. It is best to use the services of local guides and go on an organized tour.

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