Weekend in Dallas

Our journey across the state we started in Dallas where we spent a few days at the beginning. It’s one of those big American cities with a great history. In terms of the amount of citizens Dallas is the third in Texas and the ninth in the whole United States.

Bot, no wonder that so many people live here since the city from the beginning was a typically industrial city. People were gathering in Dallas as it alway was a place where they could find job and maintain family. However over the years the city evolved and nowadays it is the world centre of Informational Technology, banking and transport.

However the city is very well developed regarding different categories like culture. Walking by the city centre streets, I were passing by many interesting museums. The most compelling was The Museum of Art where I could admire over 22 thousand masterpieces of artists like Pollock, Monet, Van Gogh and many many different. What distinguishes the museum and makes it very special is that you can see conservators working on pieces of art.

For those who especially interested in this subject area, the museum has prepared lecturers concerning the new, modern maintenance techniques. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to check out everything that the museum has to offer. Actually, even a whole day is not enough to check it out. Well, that means I saw probably not more then a little part of the museum’s heritage. Another museum I was lucky to visit was Hall od State located in Fair Park. This place is devoted mainly to the history of the city of Dallas.

Dallas, Main Street
Dallas, Main Street

Obviously there are many more interesting places of this kind but as I said I did not have enough time to see all of them. However what is worth to know, or wait, everybody knows that but… This was just in Dallas where president of the USA J. F. Kennedy was killed. And even if you have only little time you should definitely find at least a few minutes to call in on The Six Floor Museum at Dealay Plaza. The museum is coated inside the building where the assassination has happened.